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Health Benefit • 2 Minute Read



             With the excellent benefits of garlic, everyone knows that it is an indispensable Thai herb. Due to its pungent taste and odor, some people avoid eating garlic, though it is known that garlic is a beneficial medicine.

             How about eating garlic that is sweet, tasty, free of pungent smell, ready-to-eat, and its good properties are not lost, but they are increased 13 times. Such a good choice for your health. Why don’t you show your love and care for yourself and your beloved by choosing our excellent product, B-Garlic.

            Black garlic, B-Garlic is the natural miracle of garlic. Fermented with high humidity and low heat for 30 days, the garlic turns black and has a delicious sweet taste. No pungent smell and spicy taste. If you close your eyes and taste it, it's hard to say that this food is 100% garlic.

            Not only does it tastes better, but our black garlic’s nutrition is also equally good.  Whether S-Ally L Cysteine is increased and more easily absorbed, helping clean your blood vessels and make blood flows better. Or Polyphenols, antioxidants that help strengthen the body’s immune system and slow down aging. Black garlic is an innovative food that even Japan regards as an elixir in this era ever. So, the popular catchword may become “Excellent Black Garlic”. 👍🏻

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