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             Hypertension is a condition in which the average pressure inside the blood vessels is higher than normal. If comparing our blood vessels as a tube and the heart as a water pump, when the heart wants to deliver blood along that viscous tube, the pressure required must be higher. However, if the blood is not viscous, it will use normal pressure. Besides, the elasticity of the blood vessel is very important as if the artery is hardened or blocked, the pressure measurement will also be very high.

             Hypertension is caused by many factors, such as heredity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, stress, salt, overweight, excessive drinking, and smoking. Changing your lifestyle would be the best treatment for hypertension.

            If neglected and not treated this disease may cause stroke, or coronary artery disease, or even heart break.

            The high SAC black garlic of B-Garlic can help with your health. The benefits of garlic that many people know make the blood flow better but some people cannot endure the pungent smell and spicy taste of it. B-Garlic already solves those problems for you. We use specific methods without seasoning flavor or use any substance, turning the color garlic to black, changing the spicy taste to sweet and delicious, and reducing the pungent smell. More importantly, B-Garlic adds more nutrients to garlic up to 13 times higher than before as well.

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